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During my stay at your clinic gave me the opportunity to experience the deep wisdom of Ayurveda. In the settings of high class lectures by brilliant teachers along with practices of the broad spectrum of Panchakarma you created a very effective learning program. I enjoyed also the warm and encouraging atmosphere that allowed discussions in totally individualized way, while maintaining a high scientific level.

Dr. Zuber  (Switserland)

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Advance Certificate Course in Ayurveda Orientation





This module provides a deeper examination of  Ayurvedic concepts. The course content is divided into eight units, packed with relevant information.

Unit 1. Fundamentals of Ayurveda

Unit 2. Preventive & promotive health

Unit 3. Materia medica & Pharmacodynamics in Ayurveda

Unit 4. Disease and diagnostic methods.

Unit 5. Modes of Treatment (Curing the ailments)

Unit 6. Rasayana (Rejuvenation) & Vajikarana (Aphrodisiac)

Unit 7. Dietetics in Ayurveda

Unit 8. Common illnesses and their herbal management.


Candidates enrolled for CAO/ACAO should have to complete given assignments, which will be evaluated by our experts. Corrections & related advice will be communicated to you to help you improve your knowledge.


Course Fees:

US$ 280.00 only



Our training Methodology:

After registration for the training you will receive course material and online assistance from our expert faculties. There will be regular assignments to evaluate your performance. One can register for multiple courses at the same time.

We shall provide you a certificate after completion of the program. We are confident that after completion of the course you would be able to help yourself and others.


Our professionals are MD's/Ph.D's from top Ayurveda institutes of India and very fluent in English. They will be available during the entire program to answer your queries.


Introductory course in Ayurveda orientation

Certificate Course in Ayurveda Orientation

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