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Steven L. Hairfield, Ph.D.

550 East Plumb Lane, Suite 305

Reno, Nevada 89502



Chakrapani Ayurveda Clinic
Jaipur-4, India  

Dear Dr. Rajesh,

            I wanted to take a moment while the events of our recent visitation to India and your care were fresh on my mind.  I want to say thank you very much for the concern that you had with each one of us while we were there and in your wonderful and patient care.  You are truly a gracious host and your giving of so much of your time to each and every one of my people.  It was apparent that money was a secondary concern and our health and joy was the greatest concern.  I personally have never witnessed this from a physician.  Your staff was not only professional, well trained and skilled, they were also courteous, and they were a joy to work with. We each talked of how we felt after our week long treatment and cleansing. In a few words it was fantastic!

            We each felt truly energized and ready to go at all times, especially after the ayurveda. The cleansing that we all experienced seems to still be continuing to expand a week after our individualized treatments.  I know that personally I have never felt better since I was a very young person.  I feel more limber and awake than I have in a long time, more alive and clear.  I now no longer experience indigestion after eating spicy foods and my digestive system seems to handle its own process much faster than it has in previous times.  I might add that I have also been focusing more on the idea of healthy foods, vegetarian mostly and only chicken and fish if there are meats involved.

            The classes and seminars that you and your associates gave were very informative and your depth of knowledge showed through the whole process.  Your true compassion for the human form came through it all as well.  Your knowledge, I hope, will some day be shared with more people in this part of the world, and the western mindset.  We have become so rigid in our thoughts on health and the healing process.  Our medical science is taught to work after the fact and yours is before symptom occurs in the body of the person.  Through your science we may all become healthier leading to better and more fulfilling lives.  The journey to India and being with you was truly worth the experience something that I would recommend to any American healthy or not. It is body, mind, and spirit in wholeness and oneness.

Om Shanti


Steven L. Hairfield, Ph.D.

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