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Ayurvedic Glossary


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  • Gairika Ochre (one of the minerals mentioned in the Ayurvedic texts)
  • Gaja Elephant (one of the species of fauna mentioned in the Ayurvedic texts)
  • Gaja puta a pharmaceutical process. Dig a pit having 92 cms lengths, breath and depth in the ground. Fill it with dried cow dung and place the musha (the herb pot) in the centre. Prepare the medicine in the same manner as described in mahaputa
  • Gala roga disease of the throat
  • Galaganda Goitere; bronchocele; tumor on the side of the neck. Appearance of a big or small, defined, glandular swelling which hangs like scrotum in the neck due to enlargement of thyroid gland. Main cause of goiter is, however, lack of iodine in diet.
  • Galagraha  Acute swelling inside throat
  • Galagranthi  Antiades
  • Galapaka Suppurated inflammation in the throat
  • Galashundika Tonsilitis
  • Galaugha  Tumor in throat. Tumor in the galaugha is a highly inflamed condition of the throat characterized by obstruction to the passage of food and water, high fever and difficulty in breathing
  • Galayu Tonsillitis. In the throat there is a small round mass of tissue known as tonsil. Its inflammation is known as Galayu.
  • Gana a group of medicines
  • Gandamala Scrofula, chronic. Lymphadenitis. Gandamala is a  disease in which numerous glands of the size of jujube appear in axilla backsides of neck and groin, which suppurate slowly. The chronic stage of this disease is termed as Apachi in which pus discharge occurs from the glands
  • Ghandaka Sulphur
  • Gandusa Holding liquids in the mouth without allowing for its movement inside
  • Garbha Foetus
  • Garbha ghatini  Embryo killer, producing abortion
  • Garbha nadi  The umbilical cord
  • Garbha shrava Abortion, miscarriage
  • Garbhakshepa Eclampsia
  • Garbhanastha Miscarriage, it is loss of fetus before 22nd week of pregnancy or before viability to survive outside the uterus without artificial support
  • Garbhapata Abortion
  • Garbhashaya Uterus
  • Garbhashaya samkochaka A drug that causes the contraction of the uterus
  • Garbhasrava Premature expulsion of the foetus during the first four mounths of pregnancy is known as Garbhasrava
  • Garbhiniroga Diseases of pregnancy
  • Gavya / Ga /Go cow
  • Gavya / Ga / Go Ghrita Ghee of cow
  • Gavya / Ga / Go Kshira milk of cow
  • Gavya / Ga/ Go mutra  Urine of cow
  • Ghanasatva this is the solid extract of any drug prepared by boiling the drug in water or some other liquid reducing the same to half or one forth as required, and after filtering it is again boiled to make it into solid shape.
  • Ghrita 1  clarified butter
  • Ghrita 2  This is that kind of medicinal preparation in which a special procedure of chritapaka has to be followed.
  • Ghrita paka  A pharmaceutical process. Where ghrita is mixed with herbs
  • Ghritakumari  Aloe vera .Herbal plant
  • Godanti Gypsum
  • Godhuma  Wheat
  • Goghrita  The cow’s ghrita
  • Gokshura  Small caltrops. Tribulus terstris.
  • Gomutra  cow’s urine
  • Grahachikitsa Psychological medicine, one of the eight branches of Ayureda. Also known as Bhutavidya
  • Grahanidosha spruw syndrome
  • Grahani roga Grahani is a disease in which patient is unable to digest his food properly and passes it out frequently through motions in the undigested or digested form with foul smell. In this condition, the patient passes sometimes loose and sometimes formed motions. Other symptoms include flatulence, loss of weight and energy, indigestion, depression, chaffing of skin, dryness of throat and mouth, thirst, ringing in the ear, and aversion to sexual intercourse.
  • Grahi  A drug that solidifies the liquid stoola
  • Granthi  gland
  • Grasika  Esophagus
  • Gridhrasi  Sciatica. The pain that starts from lowere back and runs through anterior surdace of thigh, medial aspect of the lower leg and medial side of foot.
  • Guda 1.  Jaggery or jaggery based drug preparation.
  • Guda 2.  Anal.
  • Guda Bhransha  Prolapsus ani.
  • Gudabrhamsha  Prolapsed anus.
  • Guduchi  The plant Tinospora cordifolia
  • Guggulu Bdellium or the exudation of Amyris agallochum
  • Guggulu The preparation that consist of guggulu is also called guggulu
  • Gulma Swelling or abdominal tumour
  • Gutika  Gutikas are pills or tablets made out of various drugs. The drugs are separately powdered and the requisite quantity taken and mixed


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