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Ayurveda considers that Agni is responsible for life, the body, tissues, strength and complexion of a person. Therefore Ayurveda always investigate the digestive fire of the patient.  In total there are 13 fires in the body.


As Jatharagni (agni or biological fire responsible for digestion) is the most important among all, it must be cared well. Its normal functioning is essential to keep other types of Agnis in normalcy. Normally acting Jatharagni digests the food very efficiently, which is further utilized to nourish other body tissues.


If this agni is not working properly then the taken food remains undigested in the intenstine, causing various ailments. Undigested food is termed as ‘Ama’ and behaves like a toxin(see next chapter).


Types of agnis:

Jatharagni - It performs digestion of food and considered to govern other 'Agnis', Jatharagni is active in the stomach and gastrointestinal tract. It helps to assimilate the food, according to our body needs. It digests food and separates the nutrient factor from the residue factor. It correlated with the other agn

Dhatvagni - Every Dhatu has a particular type of Agni which is responsible for that particular tissue metabolism. These are seven in number.

Bhutagni - Each of the five Mahabhuta (elements) has a specific Agni which is responsible for molecular metabolism

How our food is broken down


The food which we can consume is panch bhutakmaka. The food is known according to the predominance of a particular mahabhuta. Though the other four mahabuthas are also present in minor amount.  

As soon as the food reaches in the stomach, the pachakagni (or jatharagni) stimulates by the help of samana vayu and the process of digestion starts.


With the help of pachakagni the other five agnis(bhutagnis),  present in the food itself, start digesting their equivalent component and changes them in the form in which they are present in the body.


The extract of food obtained after the action of jatharagni & bhutagnis is called anna rasa or food juice. This anna rasa is absorbed through the membrane of the small intestine.


Now the work of the seven dhatuagni’s start on this absorbed anna rasa. The Dhatuagni’s change their respective form in the desired form for the body.  By this, each dhatu is nourished by its own property.



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