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Aloe Vera Hair Care



Very mild cleansing liquid for washing of hair and maintenance of cleanliness of hair-root and scalp. For washing and cleaning of scalp with itching, soil and oil of hair shaft and scalp, 100 % Ayurvedic hair wash for heavily soiled and oily hair with freshness elevating and antiseptic fragrance. Made with biodegradable and eco-friendly internationally acclaimed herb aloe vera, 88 % herb and aqua base..

Price - US$ 25.95

200 ml

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Hair splitting, dull, dry and brittle hair, hair loss, dandruff and itching in scalp. As a hair growing and hair cleansing aid for poor hair scalp hygiene.

Apply Aloe Vera hair care (1-7.5 ml), in mildly wet hair before bathing, rub gently with fingertips for 1-3 minutes. Rinse with water, bath and enjoy Satin like gloss with Ayurvedic time tested medicinal herbs.

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