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(Withania somnifera)


A rejuvenative general tonic which stimulates immune system. Increases physical endurance & promotes ojas. Regenerates hormonal system. Has anti stress properties.Ashwagandha is one of the main herbs for promoting ojas and rejuvenating the body. It is a well known semen promoter and it treats impotency and infertility. It increases physical endurance and improves sexual function.


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Certified Organic Ashwagandha

Certified Organic powder

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Certified Organic powder

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More Info on Aswaghanda

It is used in many general tonics and preparations, such as Chavana Prash. 

It has amino acids, choline etc. Although considered to be the primary tonic for men, it can be safely used by women for up to one year in cases of general debility & pregnancy. It contains chemical constituents like alkaloids, beta-sitosterol, chlorogenic acid, scopoletin, withaferin etc.

It helps to stabilize the fetus. It regenerates the hormonal system, promotes healing of tissues. Clinical studies show that ashwagandha has antibacterial, antitumor, anti-inflammatory and immuno-modulating properties. A separate study also showed immunomodulatory (harmonizes immune function) effects, including a positive effect on the central nervous system.

These tests show strong anti-stress actions, increased memory & learning capabilities.

The strong anti stress properties include both mental and physical stress and exhaustion. Furthermore, this test indicates the low order of toxicity of the plant, supporting the Ayurvedic view that it is safe for long-term consumption. It has also exhibited antibacterial and antifungal activities in a raw or unprocessed state and it has antibiotic effects. Many studies have documented the profound antitumor action of ashwagandha, suggesting possible anticancer effects. In many laboratory studies Ashwagandha has modulated and stimulated immune function.

One study showed a prolonged hypotensive (stabalizes low blood pressure), bradycardiac (regulating heartbeat), and respiratory stimulating action. In addition the anti-arthiritic effects, the prevention of necrosis of liver tissue, the rejuvenation of these liver tissues (which can reduce death probability) and the intestinal anti-inflammatory actions of ashwagandha clearly show why Ayurveda has such a high opinion of this herb as a general tonic


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