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It works on indigestion, lake of appetite, bulimia, abdominal gas and remove Ama dosha’s which are due to lake of fire. Taste of this tablet is delicious, so it produces saliva and creates appetite. Mix all the herbs and fortified with lemon juice for six hours. The tablets are to be made of 250 mg.

This tablet is used in restoring normal appetite. The tablet is tastes delicious and enhances salivation that also helps in patient suffering from distaste. It acts as an appetizer and digestive that influences fat metabolism. It is also given in panchakarma prior to sneha paana to enhance the digestive fire and remove any ama dosha formed that is related to digestion. It has tremendous effect in disorders like indigestion, lack of appetite, abdominal gas, and heaviness in abdomen, frequent loose stools and I.B.S.

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Chatrakadi  Tablet  (120 Tabs)


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