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Virya / Vipaka / Prabhava

Sweet / Sour / Salty

Pungent / Bitter / Astringent

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Itís a complete science of herbal plants. Itís including pharmacognosy, pharmacology and therapeutic uses of the plants. Ayurvedic drugs, especially herbs are prescribed in different pharmaceutical forms, to get maximum therapeutic effect.

The word dravyaguna consist of 2 words:

1) Dravya = material of thing which can be living or not living. 

2) Guna = properties

According to Charaka their is nothing on the earth which is not medicine. Thatís why Ayurveda considers all substances as medicine, if used for specific purposes in an appropriate way.


How drugs act? 

Ayurveda takes into the account the action of the drug in its entity. It holds that the action of the whole drug is often different from that of any one of its constituents considered separately. In this regard, the quotation from the Charaka Samhita looks more interesting- ď It is not possible to infer the action of a compound substance on the particular combination of doshas. To understand the Ayurvedic mechanism of action of any drug, it is essential to have the knowledge of- rasa (taste), guna (properties), virya (biological properties), vipaka (attributes of drug assimilation) of that specific drug.

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