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The concept of constitution (Prakriti) is central to Ayurveda. Individuals are comprised of the 3 forces (Vata, Pitta, Kapha) in unique combinations so that no 2 persons are alike. The constitutional determination provides insight into the deeper workings of an individual. With this it is possible to become aware of the foods, spices, herbal medicines, emotions, thoughts, climates, colors, activities and so on that tend to either balance or unbalance a particular individual and to either improve or aggravate various types of illness. Furthermore, it is possible to outline the disease tendencies of the different constitutions so that a preventive lifestyle may be observed; also, health promotion for individuals of different constitutions can follow a rational, time tested approach utilizing all that nature provides. Accordingly, a person can plan diet and other routine activities affirming to his / her constitution. This can help a lot in maintenance of good health and prevention of diseases


Our experts will analyze your constitution type on the basis of the details submitted by you. You will receive a detailed Constitution Analysis report along with the following information.

What is Prakriti (Body Constitution)?
Types of Prakriti?
Applied aspect of Prakriti Pariksha (Constitution analysis)?
What are the factors that Increase or Aggravate Prakriti?
Signs of Aggravated or Excess Prakriti?
How to Pacify or Balance Prakriti?

To support this service, we will expect US$ 4.95 / INR 95.00.

You will receive your Constitution Analysis report within 2 working days.

You will get a constitution form immediately after completion of the payment process.


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