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Dashmool-bala Oil (For external use only)
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Dashmool- balaOil      (200 ml)

US$ 14.95

Dashmool- bala Oil       (1 Liter)

US$ 59.80

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Dashmool oil can be easily be applied to various parts of the body for a thorough and complete healing massage. The Dashmool herb itself is an exact blend of 10 different Ayurvedic herbs. Dashmool oil can also be used when conditions such as rashes or similar skin conditions occur caused by Vata and Kapha. Because of its exhaustive healing properties, Dashmool oil can be safely used by everyone


Stereospermum suaveolens
Gmelina ribes Solanum surratense
Solanum indicum
Oroxylum indicum
Tribulus terrestris
Desmodium gangeticum
Uraria picta
Premna mucronata
Aegle marmelos
Cida cordifolia
Natural sesame oil as base



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