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The Bodily Tissues

Our body is supported and sustained by seven Dhatus (basic tissues). The word “dhatu” comes from a Sanskrit word which means “that which enters into the formation of the body. Dosha and Dhatus have relation with each other in health and disease. In pathogenesis of disease these both play key role.  Each dhatu consists of countless infinite small cells which are units of structure and function.


 Following are the seven Dhatus:


  1. Rasa (Plasma)

  2. Rakta (Blood)

  3. Mamsa (Muscle)

  4. Meda (Adipose)

  1. Asthi (Bone)

  2. Majja (Marrow)

  3. Shukra (Reproductive tissues)


1.  Rasa Dhatu This dhatu comprises of  fluids like chyle, blood plasma, extra cellular and transcellular fluid lymph. Its function is nourishment. - Status of Rasa dhatu can be assessed by the condition of the skin. Good  condition of Rasa dhatu is demonstrated by smooth , soft and delicate skin.


2.  Rakta  Dhatu This is blood. Its function is invigoration. Appearance of mouth ,tongue, lips, palms, soles, nails is reddish and full of lusture. This indicate the wellness of Rakta dhatu.


3.  Mamsa Dhatu  This is muscle tissue. Its function is holding the skeleton together. A person who is having well developed muscles, his Mamsa dhatu is well in order.


4.  Meda Dhatu  This is fat/adipose tissue. Its function is lubrication. Unctuousness in complexion is the feature of normal Meda dhatu.


5.   Asthi Dhatu   This is bone tissue. It function is to provide support.When Asthi dhatu is in order it makes the body strong and firm


6.  Majja Dhatu  This is marrow inside the bone, brain and spinal cord. It’s function is to fill the bone joints.


7.  Shukra Dhatu  This is the male and female sexual fluids. Its function is reproduction and production of a fluid (ojas) which produces strength, aura and controls the immunity. In normal course shukra dhatu is indicated by round, firm and even teeth, good complexion, voice and cheerfulness.

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