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The entire body is in fact the abode of all the three dosas (vata, pitta, kapha) and as such these dosas bring about good and bad results according as they are in normal and abnormal states respectively. When in a normal state, they bring about good results like growth, strength, complexion, happiness etc. When, in an abnormal state, they cause various types of diseases.

                                                                    Charaka Shamhita   Sustrasthana Chapter XX, verse 8


Biological application of Panchamahabhutas reflects in the form of Tridosha. Here ‘Tri’ means three and Dosha’ represents to humor (bio-entity). Thus the word ‘Tridosha’ denotes to three humors i.e. Vata, Pitta and Kapha. These are said ‘Dosha’ because these have tendency to get vitiated and also to vitiate others. This bilateral tendency of Dosha is cause of health and diseases. State of balance of Dosha represents health while imbalance to the disease.  

Every Dosha has definite place/location and functions in our body. All have their five types respectively.

Panchabhautic constitutions of Dosha have definite pattern





Akasha+Vayu   = Vata = The principle of movement



            Teja+Jala          = Pitta = the principle of transformation




Jala+Prithvi       = Kapha = The principle of stability



Location of the three doshas


The verse from Charaka Shamhita will explain the location of the dosas;


“The important sites of location of these three dosas are as below;

Urinary bladder, rectum, waist, thighs, legs, bones and colon are the sites of vata; among them colon is the most important site.  Sweat, lymph, blood and small intestine are the sites of pitta; among them, small intestine is the most important site Chest, head, neck, joint, stomach and fat are the sites of kapha; among them chest is the most important site.”


                                                                                           Caraka sustrasthana Chapter XX, verse 8


Common factor responsible for imbalanced status of Doshas:

 In our day to day life, if we are deviating from natural pattern of living, we are likely to suffer from imbalanced state of Doshas. This makes the chance for us to fall ill.


Imbalance of Vata.

a)      Summer and monsoon seasons.

b)      Lack of sleep.

c)      Excessive physical activity.

d)      Long hours of fasting.

e)      Stress.


Imbalance of Pitta.


a)      Consuming too much spicy or oily food.

b)      Late night dinner.

c)      Excessive consumption of alcohol.

d)       Tension or anxiety.


Imbalance of Kapha


a)      Consumption of sweet in excess amount.

b)      Excessive intake of food rich in carbohydrates and fats.

c)      Less Physical activity

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