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Herbal Hair Conditioner



This Herbal Formulation is made from numerous herbs. These herbs were used as conditioner for hair by classical dancers since ancient time in India. The present formulation is clinically tested and designed to get optimum effect.

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Any person can use this formulation to improve glow and healthy hair. It is recommended for the healthy improvement of the vulnerable hairs of modern time. Regular use of this compound for external application conditions the hair in a natural way, prevents early graying of hairs, prevents hair falling, diminish the incidence of dandruff and wash out the hazardous effects of vehicular and other pollution on hair. It provides natural micronutrients to the scalp region and thus natural glow and shine of health appears on hair within few days. It is free from chemical and 100% natural. Even there are no preservatives of chemical origin added in this compound.

Instruction for Use
Take one sachet of the compound. Make a paste like solution by adding tap water in the powder. Keep the solution for an hour or two to allow the herbs to settle in the liquid. It will take a shape of paste. It is recommended to massage the scalp and hair by sesame or olive oil to get optimum effect before the use of herbal hair conditioner. After massage, make sections of hair and then apply the paste evenly using hairbrush of appropriate size. Keep this for 45 minutes to 1 hour and then wash the hair without shampoo. Apply little sesame or olive oil after drying of hair for better results. One can use shampoo if needed on following day. Usually, an application of this herbal hair conditioner for once in a week is sufficient to keep & maintain shining and healthy hair.


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