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100 % natural Herbal Teas

Pachak herbal tea (Digestive help)

Helps in improving digestion, bloating and acid reflux problems


Medohar (Anti-Obesity) herbal tea

Helps in natural weight loss, overweight, weight gaining problems. Balances metabolic functions

Hridya tea (heart tonic)

Helps as preventive tonic for heart. Promotes effective cardiac functioning, works as a cardiac tonic


Nidrakar herbal tea (Sleep enhance)

Helps to achieve sound sleep without creating drowsiness during working hours

Shiroshulhar (migraine help tea)

helps to cope with migraine / headaches. helps in reducing intensity and frequency of migraine attacks.

Sandhivata (Arthritis help) tea

Helps in pain, swelling and disability caused due to arthritis in various joints

Shwas herbal tea (Asthma relief)

Helps in strengthen lung functions and Asthma related breathing troubles

Pratishyaya tea (cold relief)

Helps to cope with the common cold, flu syndrome, nose and throat allergies.

Pitta tea (Pitta balancing tea)

Balancing Pitta

Kapha tea (Kapha balancing tea)

Balancing Kapha

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