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During my stay at your clinic gave me the opportunity to experience the deep wisdom of Ayurveda. In the settings of high class lectures by brilliant teachers along with practices of the broad spectrum of Panchakarma you created a very effective learning program. I enjoyed also the warm and encouraging atmosphere that allowed discussions in totally individualized way, while maintaining a high scientific level.

Dr. Zuber  (Switserland)

Dear Dr Rajesh,

I would like to thank you again for everything. This was a one-of-a-kind experience. Thanks to the Chakrapani center. I was able to begin my discovery of the vast science/philosophy that is Ayurveda. I enjoyed the courses immensely. They were thoughtfully planne and easily digestible while still being challenging. I really appreciated all your effort to make the time spent at your school enjoyable. I wish you and your wonderful staff much success & I hope to visit you again.

Mme C Sevaistre (France)

Dear Dr Kotecha,

I want to thank you as well as all the docotrs and the staff of chakrapani very heartly for the intense and wonderfull two weeks training of Ayurveda.

(..) I also appreciate very much, that each theoretical lesson was immediately followed by a pratical one. This enables the student to directly apply and deepen the knowledge

P. Balshuweut (germany)

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".....Two weeks course on Ayurveda and Panchakarma at Chakrapani Global center of Dr. Rajesh Kotecha was extremely enjoyable and gave us a lot of knowledge and practice spies. The work is established in a very peaceful and soft way. The staff is attentive and shows a great decease to collaborate with those who have an interest towards Ayurveda science. 

I am grateful for this experience which can not be forgotten forever.

I have a strong intention to continue studying Indian culture and Ayurveda particularly..." 

                                                                                                                                                  Lidia KZ



Name of the course Duration

Ayurveda Massage Techniques

One week
CH02 Pulse & Tongue Diagnosis in Ayurveda One week
CH03 Marma Therapy One week
CH04 Ayurveda Cooking - 1 week One week
CH05 Cultivation of Herbal Plants of India One week
CH06 Ayurvedic Management Protocols for PMS One week
CH07 Ayurveda Approach to Infertility Management One week
CH08 Ayurveda Concepts of Women Care Two weeks
CH09 Ayurveda & Better Pregnancy Two weeks
CH10 Ayurveda Approach for Care in Pregnancy Two weeks
CH11 Ayurveda Approach to Child Care Two weeks
CH12 Ayurveda Approach to Certain Gynecological Problems Two weeks
CH13 Prakriti: The Body Type Principle of Ayurveda Two weeks
CH14 Manas Prakriti: The Mental Constitution in Ayurveda Two weeks
CH15 Ayurveda PCHnts Identification and its Uses Two weeks
CH16 Ayurveda Dietetics

Two weeks to 1 month

(for different levels)

CH17 Rasayana - Rejuvenation in Ayurveda

Two weeks to 1 month

(for different levels)

CH18 Vajikarana - Aphrodisiac in Ayurveda

Two weeks to 1 month

(for different levels)

CH19 Introduction to Charaka Samhita

Two weeks to 2 months

(for different levels)

CH20 Introduction to Sushrut Samhita

Two weeks to 2 months

(for different levels)

CH21 Introduction to Ashtang Hridayam

Two weeks to 2 months

(for different levels)

CH22 Introduction to Madhava Nidanam

Two weeks to 2 months

(for different levels)

CH23 Ayurveda Ways of Diagnosis

Two weeks to 2 months

(for different levels)

CH24 Panchakarma Therapy

Two weeks to 3 months

(for different levels)

CH25 Basic Principle of Ayurveda

Two weeks to 2 months

(for different levels)

CH26 Pharmaceutical Sciences of Ayurveda

Two weeks to 2 months

(for different levels)

How to register:

Please submit your registration request, we shall get back to you immediately with further details.

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Our training Methodology:

Above courses includes practical training, expert lectures by highly qualified faculties, individual demonstration of different measures of Panchakarma therapy on trainee him/herself, training material and a CD-ROM on Ayurveda.

There will be 90 minutes theory class and 3 hours of practical from Monday to Friday. The facility of Yoga classes will be available at the same time  if trainees would like to get it.

There will be regular assignments to evaluate your performance. One can register for multiple courses at the same time.We shall provide you a certificate after completion of the program. We are confident that after completion of the course you would be able to work as Ayurveda therapist help yourself and others.


Our professionals are MD's/PhD's from top Ayurveda institutes of India and very fluent in English.

Our location and accommodation:

We are having our center at Jaipur in Rajasthan known for its heritage culture. Our city is the great tourist place and the pink city of India. It is very easy to come at Jaipur by any transport mode. It is just 275 Kilometer from Delhi (the capital of India).
We arrange accommodation and foods at our center or in nearby good hotels for our trainees.


" As a pearl on the crown of a 4-years part-time education on Ayurveda I attended a one-month training (made to fit my needs) at Chakrapani Global Center for Training & Research in Ayurveda, India.

Competent doctors and massage therapists were in charge of the training program which covered profound teaching and practice at advanced level.

It was a very fruitful period which gave  me more insight in the vast science of Ayurveda."

M van der Velden, Holland.


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