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Longevity & Rejuvenation


With even the World Health Organization - WHO acknowledging the contributions of ethno-medicine in tackling several ailments, physicians too, are having a second look at alternative therapies all over the world. In this emerging scenario, the herbal food supplements are considered the most important tool of ortho-molecular medicine in the new millennium. The rejuvenator group of herbs traditionally termed as ' Rasayana ' have micronutrients which improve health, immunity, vigor, vitality and give longevity as well as protection against stress. All these actions of certain Rasayana herbs have now been scientifically proved through experimental as well as clinical studies.

The Rasayana or rejuvenation herb aims at keeping the enzymes in the tissue cells in their normal functioning condition. These cells are revitalized and their composition is changed. The tranquility of the mind is promoted and the nerves as well as bones are kept soft and smooth. This prevents the process of aging and keeps the individual free from disease even at an advanced age.

It is also well known that one can live a long life, free of disease and aging only when he has a strong general immunity against diseases. So Rasayana herbs also contain a general immunity promotive effect. The Ayurvedic concept of immunity or "Vyadhi-Kshamatva" involves both "Vyadhi Utpada Pratibandhakatva" i.e. the capability to prevent the onset of a disease and " Vyadhi Bal Virodhitva " which fights the developing disease. According to Ayurveda, "Oja" denotes the substance that imparts strength to various tissues in the body to resist disease. "Pratyanika Bala" is responsible for increasing immunity of the host to prevent disease before its onset. While every person has some "Sahaja Bala" or natural constitutional strength to fight disease, one could enhance this capacity or Pratyanika Bala and Oja by taking appropriate " Rasayana " herbs, which help in building optimum quality tissues which fight disease.

The indigenous formulation Rasayana Prash is an especially developed herbal food recipe for longevity and to enhance general immunity. Moreover, it possesses anti-stress & anti-fatigue properties. In other words, it provides vigor, vitality and strength if taken regularly for a long duration. The formulation is the outcome of years of therapeutic applications in India.

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Chyavanprash is a comprehensive herbal tonic with multiple health benefits, prepared according to an ancient Ayurvedic formula. Used by people all over the world today, it is a proven energizer, immunity booster and pre-emptive tonic. The formulation is the outcome of years of therapeutic applications in India.

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