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Mahanarayan Oil (For external use only)
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Mahanarayan Oil    (200 ml)

US$ 19.95

Mahanarayan Oil        (1 Liter)

US$ 79.80

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Indication  :

Mahanarayan Oil is made from numerous Ayurvedic herbs and is traditionally used for joint pain or weakness For arthritis, backache, headache and rheumatic pain.

This is very effective for relieving the pain. Vata and pitta types should just rub the oil on the surface, while kapha types should give a deeper massage to the area for some time. 

Mahanarayan oil is traditionally used to:

  • Support comfortable joint movement
  • Promote healthy muscles and tendons
  • Soothe pain, stiffness and inflammation
  • Pacify excess vata


Asparagus racemosus
Aegle marmelos
Uraria picta
Solanum surratense
Tribulus terrestris
Oroxylum indicum
Desmodium gangeticum
Premna mucronata
Stereospermum suaveolens
Sida cordifolia
Withania somnifera
Cedrus deodara

Elettaria cardamomum
Natural Sesame oil as base




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