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Help in Swine Flu by Ayurvedic Herbs

According to Ayurveda, prevention is always better than cure, and the primary aim goal of Ayurveda is to maintain the health of a healthy person

For Signs and symptoms of swine flu

  • Sanjivani tablet: to be taken in the doe of 1 tab. twice daily
  • Sanshamani tablet: to be taken in the doe of 2 tab. twice daily

As a prevention,

Please take Rasayana Prash and Tulsi (basil) preparation

Product Name Price Add To Cart
Samshamani tablets $14.95 (120 tabs)


Sanjivani Tabs $7.99 (120 tabs)


Rasayana Prash $ 29.95 (400g pack)


Tulsi (Basil) $ 15.95 (60 tabs)


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