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Testimonials on our Health services

 dear Dr Kotecha.
 I just come out from the hospital. They had practiced an echography at my ganglion in the throat and also at the metastasis in my back. They punctioned the ganglion that was completely normal for the shape and the size with no anomaly visible. I will have the result of the ana-pathology in about 15 days. They didn't succed to punction the metastasis in the back but the size is a little bit smaller (7mm instead of 9mm). So for the moment I am just waiting to know what they will plan for after!!!
But the best thing I would like to tell you is that I feel so good since I came back. Like you said, every body told me that I look 10 years younger . My energy my sleep and my shape have really improved. I try to follow your advices as much as I can. It's not allways simple but I try hardly...
I don't have seen Marie Agnès  so I don't give her allready the medecines but I should meet her this week end.When I get back from India I went to an island to join my daughter and I just arrived in Paris yesterday.
Thank you for your  kindness and also thank your team. I will give you the results as soon as I get them and we could discussed when you think that I have to come again at your place.

With all my best thought.
Marie Gaëlle

Dear Dr Kotecha.
I had received the anapathology results on my daughter's  birthday and it is that I do not have any more malignants cells! It was such a good news that me and my daughter was crying hugging together. I will have an appointment on september the 27th, after all the hospital crew will discussed the next step. But my doctor said that it should be probably only a surveillance. I will tell you. But I really want to thank you for your help, I am sure that this result is so good because of your treatment. Now I feel like flying on a cloud with a lot of energy to follow the better way of life.
Marie Agnes is now  refilled with all her medecines and I gave her your present. She was very happy. And I thank's her for having made possible that I met you.

Best regards
Marie Gaelle

Dear Rajesh,
Namaste !
Thank you very much again for everything.
Belinda is very satisfy with her stay in Jaipur. As she told me "very good services & very kind people" ;)
Hope to see you next time you come to France.
Let's keep in touch
Best Regards

sir ,
i am very happy to report that your medicines are working wonder on my body.i am extremely happy now.should i continue   Mansyadi Ghan Vati  .
 Chitrakadi vati & Lakhusutshekar vati also for 3 months?i   wish you to open a clinic in Lahore also.we do not have any ayurveda and yoga institute in our country.i can also help you to establish such an institute in Pakistan.

rai arshad

Dear Dr Pallavi,

"Advanced Certificate in Ayurveda Orientation (ACAO) is very well designed and written. As beginner, I found the course very informative. The learning material is written in such a simple language that as a learner I did not feel any kind of pressure of reading exhaustive literature. The tutors (Dr Pallavi Sharma and Dr Parvathy)provided excellent learning support. I recieved quick feedbacks on my assignments which helped me in maintaining my momentum. Designing such courses, Charakpani Ayurveda Institute has done a great job of promoting Indian Ancient Knowledge of living a healthy life and provided an opportunity to a person like me staying abroad to gain knowledge on Ayurveda. I would highly recommend this course. My best wishes to Charakpani Ayurveda Institute in all its endeavour's."

Torphichen Place, Edinburgh,Scotland, UK.

Many Thanks & Best Regards


Gary & Rajesh,
I know you and are very busy so there's no need to reply. I just wanted to say thank you again for your visit. I'm not sure is it's being around you two or learning about the herbs or doing the pancha karma (probably a combination of all of it) but at the end of the time I felt really peaceful and happy. I know all the clients feel the same way. I hope the rest of the trip goes well and that you are able to get plenty of rest when it is all done!
With care,

Dear Dr. Kotecha,
 Finally im back in France, and  i am still adjusting , but of course thank you very much for everything your kindness and patient as long as your staff,it will remain in my memories,specially all the training i'ved done, and the real beauty of India.
i will promise to continue all of the technique and method, that i'ved learned to Dr. Parvathy and Dr. Pallavi.

My regards to everybody.


Dear Dr Ji
          There are times I had thrived to get the real knowledge and understanding of AyurVeda and I am really happy that I got trained in such a noble place at your esteemed Organization. It was a great time at Chakrapani AyurVeda and an eye opener that really changed my perspective on AyurVeda and my lifestyle. With that momentum, Now I am planning to start a therapy centre on my own that would run with a guidance of an Ayuvedic physician serving the needy people in my locality. I must also would like acknowledge that, the training made me follow the natural Way of living and changed my lifestyle pattern really.
I must thank you for the quality of training given, the timely arrangements and the ‘one 2 one’ training sessions that are very much helped me acquiring the knowledge from well trained professionals. I kindly request you to  convey special regards to the Doctors, Dr.Pallavi Ji and Dr. Parvathi Ji, who are very open and sharing on their expertise and experience, and Pinky, the very nice Therapist who understands the level of a newcomer for the training and helps patiently.
I pray God to bless  My Dr Ji, with long enduring life and his service in seeding the next generation with the essence of AyurVeda, the knowledge of our great sages.

Thank You Sir!

With Regards

Dear Dr. Kotecha,

I wanted to send you some news of my treatment.

I really feel better, overall lighter and more dynamic. I have no 
heartburn, it only comes back very occasionally.
My cycles are better regulated.
The joint pains, in part due to my fibromyalgia, have decreased. They 
return in the morning and after moments of sitting still.
The massages have been very relieving.

My blood tests still give vitamin D and iron counts that have risen 
but are still quite low.
I continue to take iron, halibut liver oil, probiotics, and 
magnesium. Do you see any problem with this?

I should have enough of your treatment until the end of September; no 
problem for the capsules but I may run out of the little powder balls.

I'm going to do an Ayurvedic treatment for five days in September 
with Stéphanie Nataf. I think she will ask you to if you have any 
advice concerning me.

With many thanks for this wonderful treatment and all your follow-up.
Florence Hermitte
"After 4 months of your Rasayana my mother´s liver (which was very bad) got completely cured, and the doctors all wondered how and why, as no western medicine was working. She is very happy and thankful to you! So, I thank you very much. All the best for you and all the others. - Petra, Germany Dear Sir, I have just viewed your site and was really impressed by your information, sincerity and love for Ayurveda.  I also loved the image of Lord Dhanvantari that you have on your site. I am from Australia and am currently studying Ayurvedic Medicine.  Being in Australia it is extremely hard to find information, so therefore I have a bit a difficulty learning.....May God bless you. Om Shanti. Cassandra, Australia


Dear Rajesh, Thank you for all of your kindness and sharing. It is nice to get closer to my younger brother and his family. I look forward to seeing you here and the next time I come to your world. I love India and always have it feels like home. I plan on spending the next year learning Hindi so we may talk with greater ease and to assist you while there and your staff. They are all great....read more

- Dr. Steven L. Hairfield
(Thanks Dr. Steven for wonderful compliments and blessings)


Hello Dr. Rajesh Kotechaji,
I am writing to inform you of the tremendous benefit I gained from using your prescription for Ayurvedic medicine. I was suffering from a skin condition called Roseacea and I had written to you sometime back for advice. You advised me to use a mixture of Anantmool, Guduchi, Manjishta and Neem powder along with Gandhak Rasayana tablets. You also reommended use of Herbal face pack. I purchased all the above items from Gary at Gary N Sun, Reno, Nevada USA. After using the medicine for ONLY 10 days, the redness on my face reduced considerably. I was truly amazed at the speed with which the medicines started working. I am extremely happy and  would like to thank you as well as Gary for helping me.
Please continue your good work. Thank you and best wishes
Please continue your good work. Thank you and best wishes
- Vikas K.S, USA


Dear Dr. Rajesh, we met in Omaha, Nebraska, USA,  two months ago for a second consultation. I want to thank you again for your online and in-person Ayurvedic consultation and treatment. Before I began the treatment you suggested, I suffered from incapacitating cramps related to pre-menstrual syndrome (PMS). For over twenty years, I had episodes of terrible cramps and depression each month. The pains were so bad that I frequently couldn't stand and would lie in bed or on the floor of my office at work, whimpering in agony. Since I began the herbal treatment that you recommended, my pain diminished and then completely disappeared. I have had no pain of this kind whatsoever for almost one year. I can't describe how my quality of life has improved. There are no unwanted side effects to the herbs (as with some of the past medications I have tried). I am truly amazed at the relief that I've experienced. I am following your recommendations with regard to diet and exercise as well. Many of my acquaintances and friends have noticed "something different about me" and tell me I look younger. Some of them think I've had cosmetic surgery! I am so fortunate to have encountered you and Gary through the Healing Arts Center, even at my age of 42. I guess we're never too old to benefit from Ayurveda. By the way, my daughter says she's sleeping better. She only takes her herbal compound once daily, but I guess that's better than not at all. She's eating better, too, and generally seems more positive in her outlook. I told my sister-in-law to email you for an online consultation. She is a little overweight; I'm sure you could help her. God bless you and your family and all your colleagues in Jaipur. I am hoping that someday in my life I can visit Jaipur. Who knows?  Yours truly, - Mary Kelly, USA

Dear Friends, Today you made me very happy because I received the older newsletters about Ayurveda I asked for and that was great for me ! I understand that it was not very easy for you to send the things I asked for because the date of sending it to me was Dec 29 -of the last year ! So I can let you know that I received it in a good way and that I print it out successfully!! Many thanks for everything you do to me and for making Ayurveda going on all over the world ! Till next time all best wishes and Namaste!!


Rien Eijbersen, The Netherlands



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