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Ushir / Cuscus

(Vetiveria zizanioides)

 Ushir is an antiseptic and sedative. It is useful for helping to rid insomnia, nervousness and tight muscles. In folk magic vetivert is used for protection and to bring money and riches. Circulation, muscles and joints:  relieves aches and pains in the muscles, decreases stiffness, for arthritis, rheumatism, and sprains.

Emotions/mind and nervous system: strengthens the nervous system, reduces anxiety, stress, tension, depression. Has a balancing effect, helps to stabilize energy. Deeply relaxing and calming, useful for insomnia.   Helps to concentrate, organize scattered thoughts and overcome intellectual fatigue.

Skin/hair: antiseptic, balances the production of sebum, helps to moisturize the skin, soothes irritation and inflammation, helps wounds and cuts to heal.May prevent stretch marks during pregnancy.


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