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(Justicia adhatoda)

It is a small tree which flowers in cold season. There is a saying is Sanskrit about this drug meaning of which is that as long as Vasa will remain, patients suffering from spitting of blood, phthisis and common cold and cough need not despair. The physicians confidently proclaim that no death can take. place from cough of any kind if Vasa can play its role and find time to display its healing properties. Traditionally it has long been used as a great remedy for respiratory disorders. 

Traditional Ayurvedic Uses: intestinal parasites, intestinal worms, skin fungal infections, obesity, sore throat, digestive strengthener.

While an excellent "deworming" remedy, it is a safe and invaluable herb to strengthen the body, especially the digestive system if it has been chronically stressed. Keeps the intestines free of toxins.

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